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Bicycle Accidents

As traffic in the Atlanta-metropolitan area gets progressively worse, more people are getting out of their cars and riding bicycles to various destinations. Because Georgia treats bicycles as vehicles, cyclist risks being seriously injured in a traffic accident. Atlanta bicycle attorney has the experience to get you or your loved one the compensation and treatment you deserve.


Georgia like many states treats bicycles as “vehicles.” Therefore, traffic laws that govern motor vehicles also apply to bicycles. The only applicable exception is when the code or regulation specifically uses the term “motor vehicle” rather than “vehicle.” In that case, the language indicates bicycles are exempt.


  • OCGA 40-6-296 § No person under the age of 16 shall operate a bicycle without wearing a helmet.
  • OCGA §40-6-294- Requires cyclists to ride “as far to the right side of the roadway as practicable” and “with the flow of traffic.”
  • OCGA § 40-6-55- Where a bicycle lane is provided on the roadway, the operator of a motor vehicle must yield to a person operating a bicycle in the bicycle lane.
  • OCGA § 40-6-296- When riding at night, your bike must be equipped with a front white light visible from 300 feet and a red reflector on the rear.
  • O.C.G.A. § 40-6-292: A child under the age of one year may not ride as a passenger on a bicycle but may ride seated in a bicycle trailer or carried in an infant sling.
  • O.C.G.A.§ 4-6-294: Persons riding bicycles on the roadway CAN NOT ride more than two abreast except on bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, parts of the roadway set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles, or when a special permit is issued by a local government.

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