One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is automobile drivers failure to be vigilant. To make matter worse, the investigation into these accidents are complicated by the fact that most people, including law enforcement, usually think the motorcyclist is always at fault. Atlanta motorcyclist attorney Andre Dennis will aggressively fight to make sure each motorcyclist side of the accident is heard.

In addition to the bias most motorcyclist face, another issue motorcycle riders have to deal with is insurance companies. The insurance company for the automobile driver will quickly try to pen the blame on the motorcyclist or use deceitful tactics to lower the value of the case. Some of the insurance company tactics include:

  • Calling immediately after the accident trying to get a statement, which is usually recorded.
  • Trying to settle quickly before medical bills, lost wages, & damages are known.
  • Not taking good photos are their insured vehicle after the accident


The State of Georgia requires drivers to maintain minimum insurance coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Also, a motorcycle rider may have the right to coverage from insurance policies of an employer, rental car company, or from an “umbrella policy” or family member, if the policies are available and they require additional coverage. If a motorcycle accident is caused by conditions of the road or poor lighting on the road, a government agency may share liability in the accident as well.

Determining the right value of a motorcycle accident with injuries is extremely complicated. It includes evaluating the extent of the injuries, economic losses, and liability issues related to the accident, and prior injuries if they exist. Insurance companies have years of experience in handling injuries from motorcycle accidents and will use all of it to lower your settlement. Atlanta motorcycle attorney Andre Dennis knows all the insurance companies’ games and he will fight aggressively to make sure your rights are protected. The Dennis Law Firm will aggressively fight to make sure each motorcyclist gets the treatment, settlement, & healthcare they so righteously deserve.


  1. Get your motorcycle license
  2. Always wear a helmet.
  3. Never ride without wearing your personal protective gear
  4. Don’t drink and ride
  5. Keep an eye out for foreign objects in the road
  6. Don’t let a passenger on the motorcycle until after you have started it.
  7. Never let a passenger ride without a helmet.
  8. If you’re new to riding motorcycles or want to become a better rider, take a motorcycle rider’s course. To locate a course near you call 1-800-446-9227 or online at

Since there is limited protection for drivers and passengers of motorcycle accidents, a high percentage of them usually result in catastrophic injury or deathAtlanta motorcycle attorney Andre Dennis knows the hurt of having a loved one involved in a fatal accident; therefore, The Dennis Law Firm, handles each case as if it was their own. Keeping the client informed each step of the way while aggressively fighting with insurance companies to get you the compensation you rightly deserve. Call us today at 844.913.4448 or contact us online to discuss your case with us. Our clients never pay any legal fees unless we collect for you.